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Entry Rules
entry rules
Ages 20 and up
entry rules
Married, children OK
entry rules
Current Valid Visa/Passport
Areas of Competition
Judges’ Interview – Panel Style One-Third of Your Score
Each of the Delegates will have five to seven minutes with the Panel. There will be no questions regarding sex, religion, or politics.
Fashion Swimwear One Third of Your Score
The Swimwear Competition is “high fashion” … and must be a one-piece swimsuit. NO thongs or string bikinis are allowed.
Evening Gown One Third of Your Score
Pageant Gowns, High-Low Gowns, High Fashion Runway FORMAL ATTIRE, and Haute Couture are all acceptable.
Evening Gown One Third
There will be either a top ten or top five (dependent upon number of entrant delegates). All previous scores will be wiped out and the highest scoring Delegates will be announced to compete in On-Stage Question, Fashion Swimwear, and Evening Gown competitions, using the same scoring breakdown as Preliminaries. Delegates participating in the Finals competition may wear either a one- or two-piece swimsuit.
602 – 799 – 3801
8776 East Shea Boulevard,
Number 106-320,
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260.
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